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Da Silva Fanzeres, D├ębora (author)
This study aimed to generate accurate evapotranspiration (ETA) data for the Mountain Aquifer region using the SEBAL model in Google Earth Engine (GEE) with a resolution of 30 m. The analysis provided valuable insights into evapotranspiration's spatial and temporal dynamics and its relationship with land use characteristics. Significant spatial...
student report 2023
Beenen, Kathelijne (author)
Due to increasing global population and increasing food demand, crop yield needs to be improved to forestall potential food shortages. To achieve optimal crop yield, irrigation is applied to replace water losses due to evapotranspiration (ET). Information on ET should be applied to optimize water allocations and water use. In this study, the...
master thesis 2020
Tantawy, Iman (author)
Water scarcity has been a growing problem for many places around the world as water usage has been increasing with double the rate of population growth in the twentieth century. As agriculture accounts for 70 percent of global freshwater withdrawals, fresh water availability will thus face even greater stress (World Bank, 2013). Sustainable...
master thesis 2019