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Schriever, David (author)
Food waste remains a large problem globally, not only in the light of global greenhouse gas emissions, but also in the light of decreasing resource availability. Research in this area has so far mainly focused on behavioral factors influencing production of food waste, while the formal and informal institutions that relate to the management of...
master thesis 2022
Icibaci, L.M. (author)
This research departs from the desire to understand the practice of reuse of building products from a systemic standpoint, representing a network of multiple factors influencing the process of reusing. Through the Industrial Ecology theoretical framework, these relations are dynamic and contextually bounded defining the commercial feasibility of...
doctoral thesis 2019
Meulendijks, A.R. (author)
This thesis started with a wish to improve the world. The waste problem is addressed: it becomes clear that in the Netherlands 10 million tons of waste is generated by consumers 32.9% of this comes from packaging materials and 1.5% comes from plastic waste. Next to that, a person generates 50 kg of food waste on a yearly basis. When wastage in...
master thesis 2016