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Koldewijn, Niels (author)
Reusing water is a crucial part of the solution for addressing the growing concern regarding the risk of water scarcity in industrialized and urbanized areas. This study introduces a tool for the design of water networks, focusing on water reuse in industrial parks. Utilizing a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) model developed earlier,...
master thesis 2024
Zhang, Yang (author)
This thesis takes the ancient Chinese village of Hongcun as the main object of study, focusing on the specific functions and modes of operation of the water treatment system in Hongcun as well as the cultural and social context behind it. And the role of different water treatment methods used in Hongcun is analysed in terms of both sustainable...
student report 2023
Fausta, N. (author)
The rapid economic and population growth recently drives Maputo to become more metropolitan, with construction sector as one of the pillars to support its transformation. This progressive move is, however, hindered by one of the most crucial problems: water scarcity. Water is essentially required by construction sector, especially in concrete...
master thesis 2016