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da Silva, Renan F. (author), Hansen, Jeff E. (author), Lowe, Ryan J. (author), Rijnsdorp, D.P. (author), Buckley, Mark L. (author)
Nearshore rocky reefs with scales of order 10–100 m are common along the world's coastline and often shape wave-driven hydrodynamics and shoreline morphology in their lee. The interaction of waves with these reefs generally results in either two or four-cell mean circulation systems (2CC and 4CC, respectively), with diverging flows behind the...
journal article 2023
da Silva, Renan F. (author), Hansen, Jeff E. (author), Rijnsdorp, D.P. (author), Lowe, Ryan J. (author), Buckley, Mark L. (author)
Engineered and natural submerged coastal structures (e.g., submerged breakwaters and reefs) modify incident wave fields and thus can alter hydrodynamic processes adjacent to coastlines. Although submerged structures are generally assumed to promote beach protection by dissipating waves offshore and creating sheltered conditions in their lee,...
journal article 2022