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El Rahi, Joe (author), Martínez-Estévez, Iván (author), Tagliafierro, Bonaventura (author), Domínguez, José M. (author), Crespo, Alejandro J.C. (author), Stratigaki, Vasiliki (author), Suzuki, T. (author), Troch, Peter (author)
Vegetation meadows in coastal waters are a key constituent of a future green defense package due to the ecosystem services they provide and the potential to attenuate wave energy. To numerically describe the vegetation dynamics under wave action, this paper presents a novel application of a numerical coupling for solving fluid–elastic...
journal article 2023
Suzuki, T. (author), Hu, Zhan (author), Kumada, Kenji (author), Phan Khanh, L. (author), Zijlema, M. (author)
A new wave-vegetation model is implemented in an open-source code, SWASH (Simulating WAves till SHore). The governing equations are the nonlinear shallow water equations, including non-hydrostatic pressure. Besides the commonly considered drag force induced by vertical vegetation cylinders, drag force induced by horizontal vegetation cylinders...
journal article 2019