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Marinov, Atanas (author)
Multi-label learning is one of the hot problems in the field of machine learning. The deep neural networks used to solve it could be quite complex and have a huge capacity. This enormous capacity, however, could also be a negative, as they tend to eventually overfit the undesirable features of the data. One such feature presented in the real...
bachelor thesis 2021
Werner, Oliver (author)
In clinical practice, as a first approximation, the severity of an abnormality on an image is often determined by measuring its volume. Researchers often first segment this abnormality with a neural network trained by voxel-wise labels and thereafter extract the volume. Instead of this indirect two steps approach, we propose to train neural...
master thesis 2020
Dubost, Florian (author), Adams, Hieab (author), Yilmaz, Pinar (author), Bortsova, Gerda (author), Tulder, Gijs van (author), Ikram, M. Arfan (author), Niessen, W.J. (author), Vernooij, Meike W. (author), Bruijne, Marleen de (author)
Finding automatically multiple lesions in large images is a common problem in medical image analysis. Solving this problem can be challenging if, during optimization, the automated method cannot access information about the location of the lesions nor is given single examples of the lesions. We propose a new weakly supervised detection method...
journal article 2020