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Yan, Y. (author), Helmons, R.L.J. (author), Carr, Michael (author), Wheeler, Craig (author), Schott, D.L. (author)
A convex pattern surface has been proposed and optimized to reduce sliding wear of bulk handling equipment by adjusting the flow behaviour of bulk material. This study aims at modelling the surface deformation of the convex pattern sample to investigate how effectively the sample reduces sliding wear. Archard wear model and a deformable...
journal article 2023
de Hoog, E. (author), van Wijk, J. M. (author), Wijnands, J. T.M. (author), Talmon, A.M. (author)
The mining of polymetallic nodules from the seafloor at depths down to 6000m requires the excavation of nodules with a seafloor mining tool, the transport of nodules as a slurry through a jumper hose connecting the mining tool to a vertical hydraulic transport system and the transport of the nodules through the vertical lifting pipe. We focus...
journal article 2020
Godjevac, M. (author)
The author is a naval architect and this book is his PhD thesis. In this research the author focuses on friction in a controllable pitch propeller (CPP), formation of wear in a CPP system, and their mutual dependence. Instead of going deeply only in tribology aspects, the author tries to get an overall description of the problem incorporating...
doctoral thesis 2010