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Cimino, Giovanni (author)
The textile and fashion industry, with its complex supply chain from fiber production to retail, employs harmful chemicals, posing risks to the environment and workers. Fast fashion has intensified clothing production, leading to extensive textile waste. Consequently, it has fostered a more ephemeral and less emotionally durable connection with...
master thesis 2023
Wallner, T.S. (author), Magnier, L.B.M. (author), Mugge, R. (author)
Refurbishment is an effective strategy to extend product lifetimes in a circular economy. However, consumers believe that refurbished products are contaminated with traces of prior use, which can be indicated by the appearance (e.g., scratches) or functionality (e.g., lower battery capacity) of refurbished products. This research explores...
journal article 2022
Mugge, R. (author), de Jong, Wytske (author), Hultink, H.J. (author), Person, Oscar (author)
Refurbishment presents opportunities for designers to improve the sustainability of new and old products via an experiment and post hoc interviews, this research investigates and explores how information about prior use – offered in a visual (signs of wear and tear) or verbal (textual description) form – influences consumers’ evaluations of...
journal article 2018