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Kampen, Thomas (author), Veldboer, Lex (author), Kleinhans, R.J. (author)
Dutch citizens on welfare have to volunteer at Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in return for their benefits. Through applying the ‘worlds of justification’ of Boltanski and Thévenot, this article aims to provide a better theoretical and empirical understanding of social justice of policies that obligate welfare clients to participate in CSOs....
journal article 2019
Veldboer, L. (author), Kleinhans, R.J. (author), Van Ham, M. (author)
Modern welfare policies are increasingly based on notions of reciprocity. Citizens on welfare benefits have to do something in return, e.g. volunteer work. Notwithstanding general public support, social philosophers have been critical on ‘mandatory’ activities in community programmes. So far, the participants themselves have scarcely been asked...
journal article 2015