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Zhao, Lei (author), Zhou, Sifan (author), Zhong, Jinglin (author), Ao, Yibin (author), Wang, Yan (author), Wang, T. (author), Chen, Yunfeng (author)
Earthquakes occur frequently in rural areas of Sichuan, China, causing huge damage and high mortality. The built environment plays a significant role in providing residents with safe and resilient settlements in such areas. There is yet little research on how rural families in developing countries cope with geological disasters like earthquakes,...
journal article 2022
Chen, H.X. (author), Zhang, L.M. (author)
Shallow slope failures are one of the most frequent geological hazards in mountainous areas, which pose great danger to people and properties in affected areas. This paper presents a cell-based platform for quantitative risk assessment for shallow slope failures at a regional scale. There are five components in this platform; namely, a digital...
conference paper 2015