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Kaiser, Philipp (author)
The increasing importance of climate change and stricter regulations for greenhouse gas emissions raise the pressure on the automotive industry to develop more efficient products. Besides a reduction of emissions by new combustion engines, electric vehicles are being introduced to lower the fleet fuel economy. Especially this new drivetrain...
master thesis 2021
Sai Krishna Ramani, Sai Krishna (author)
Aerodynamics has become increasingly important these days in the design of automobiles due to the increased constraints placed on the emissions. In the past the focus has been primarily on the shaping of the upper body. However, due to practical requirements, further scope of improvements to the upper body has been greatly reduced. The focus has...
master thesis 2018
Viswanathan, Veeraraghavan (author)
The aerodynamic drag force is a crucial factor for passenger cars and trucks, where fuel economy is of utmost importance. While a lot of research has been performed to optimize the design of the upper-body of the vehicle, the flow over a rotating wheel that is enclosed by a wheelhouse is not understood to the same level. Estimates show that the...
master thesis 2017