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Guerrero, J.M. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author), Meijers, B.M. (author)
Underground pipelines pose numerous challenges to 3D visualization. Pipes and cables are conceptually simple and narrow objects with clearly defined shapes, spanned over large geographical areas and made of multiple segments. Pipes are usually maintained as linear objects in the databases. However, the visualization of lines in 3D is difficult...
conference paper 2013
Aditya, Trias (author), Iswanto, Febri (author), Wirawan, Ade (author), Laksono, Dany P. (author)
Although 3D cadastre web map offer benefits to, among others, planning and disaster management application domains, they pose some technical constraints to be implemented using current web technologies. Some technical constraints may include field data processing, data compatibility and browser limitations. One of technical solutions in support...
conference paper 2011