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Peters, Jochem (author)
The coastal waters of Nigeria are a difficult environment to build structures to control the local morphology and hydrodynamic conditions to ones desire. This difficulty is a consequence of the persistent high-energy swell wave climate and Longshore Sediment Transport (LST) in the order of one million cubic metres per
year. Besides these...
master thesis 2018
Jongedijk, Cleo (author)
A very common observation is the episodic erosion of beaches during storms and the slow recovery (accretion) afterwards (Yates et al. 2009). Morphodynamic models parameterize physical processes in order to relate the fluid motions (hydrodynamics) to the bed level changes (morphodynamics) over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Despite...
master thesis 2017
Van Bemmelen, C.W.T. (author)
The applicability of the open source model XBeach was tested for pocket beaches in this paper. First, schematized model setups have been used to assess the performance of XBeach qualitatively. It was found that adjustments of the initial bed were required to obtain the expected hydrodynamic conditions. The default sediment advection calibration...
student report 2017