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Rijper, Huub (author)
This thesis discusses the morphological modelling of the gravel revetment on artificial composite beaches. A composite beach is a combination of a sandy lower beach and a gravel upper beach. These beaches are found in nature, but can also be created artificially by placement of a gravel structure on a sandy beach. Artificial composite beaches...
master thesis 2018
Wendt, Emiel (author)
The static stability of stones on mild slopes under wave attack is investigated in this research. The first part of the research is focused on reproducing the physical scale model tests regarding profile change of Kramer (2016) numerically with the model XBeach-G. The erosion profiles modelled with the bed-load transport formulas of Nielsen ...
master thesis 2017
Wit, E.M. (author)
A recurrent challenge in the hydraulic engineering is to establish the required stone diameter for a stone protection on mild slopes, since the stability of gravel on a mild slope is not yet sufficiently covered by existing design methods. The objective of this study is to investigate the relation between the loads and the stability of stones on...
master thesis 2015