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de Beer, Anne (author)
Wave runup is generated by energy which remains after wave breaking and travels farther to the coast in the form of a bore. It can be seen as a thin wedge of water running up the beach face (Brocchini and Baldock, 2008). Under storm conditions runup is responsible for beach and dune erosion and accurate runup predictions are therefore required ...
master thesis 2017
Oosterlo, P. (author)
In this thesis, a method was developed, with which the infragravity waves and morphological changes of a sandy foreshore are included in the calculation of the probability of dike failure due to wave overtopping. Constructing a natural foreshore in front of the dike can be an attractive and innovative method to decrease the failure probability....
master thesis 2015
Blossier, B. (author)
A large number of beach morphologies across the world exhibits nearshore sandbars with complex 3D patterns. During large storms, these shapes disappear and the bars get to a certain extent alongshore uniform. This phenomenon is called a reset. Numerous studies have been conducted on the development of the bar shapes (3D) or on the cross-shore...
master thesis 2011