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Unnikrishnan, Gokul Krishna (author), Sharma, S. (author), Pathak, Himanshu (author), Chauhan, Vishal Singh (author), Jain, Satish Chandra (author)
To accurately analyze the fracture behavior of piezoceramics at small length scales, flexoelectricity must be considered along with piezoelectricity. Due to its dependence on size, flexoelectricity predominates at the micro- and nano-length scales. Additionally, crack tips having the largest strain gradient state cause large flexoelectricity...
journal article 2023
Noel, L.F.P. (author), Schmidt, M. (author), Doble, K. (author), Evans, J. A. (author), Maute, K. (author)
Multi-material problems often exhibit complex geometries along with physical responses presenting large spatial gradients or discontinuities. In these cases, providing high-quality body-fitted finite element analysis meshes and obtaining accurate solutions remain challenging. Immersed boundary techniques provide elegant solutions for such...
journal article 2022