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Haruyama, S. (author), Kim, S.K. (author), Beiter, K.A. (author), Dijkema, G.P.J. (author), De Weck, O.L. (author)
We developed a new education curriculum called "ALPS" (Active Learning Project Sequence) at Keio University that emphasizes team project-based learning and design thinking with systems engineering techniques. ALPS is a 6 month course, in which students work as a team and design and propose innovative systems. Students identify requirements,...
conference paper 2012
Saunders-Smits, G.N. (author), Roling, P.C. (author), Melkert, J.A. (author), Curran, R. (author), Cooper, R.K. (author), Early, J.M. (author)
report 2007
Pantic, M. (author), Zwitserloot, R. (author), De Weerdt, M.M. (author)
This paper describes a novel, learner-centered technology for authoring web lectures. Besides seamless integration of video and audio feeds, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, and web-pages, the proposed Online Learning Facility (OLF) also facilitates online interactive testing and review of covered materials, online provision of feedback, real-time...
conference paper 2006