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Agbana, T.E. (author), Soloviev, O. (author), Bezzubik, V. (author), Patlan, V. (author), Verhaegen, M. (author), Vdovin, G.V. (author)
We have implemented an extended depth of field optical system by wavefront coding with a micromachined membrane deformable mirror. This approach provides a versatile extension to standard wavefront coding based on fixed phase mask. First experimental results validate the feasibility of the use of adaptive optics for variable depth wavefront...
conference paper 2015
Loktev, M. (author), Vdovin, G. (author), Soloviev, O. (author)
We describe a compact integrated module implementing a low-cost adaptive optics system. It is targeted as a correction system for small telescopes with primary mirror diameter up to 1 m, operating on a natural guide star with magnitude at least 4 (for a 25 cm telescope). It is supposed to provide stable diffraction-limited imaging of stars,...
conference paper 2008
Vdovin, G. (author), De Lima Monteiro, D.W. (author), Akhzar-Mehr, O. (author), Loktev, M. (author), Sakarya, S. (author), Soloviev, O. (author), Sarro, P.M. (author)
We present an overview of the results of our recent research in the field of adaptive optical components based on silicon microtechnologies, including membrane deformable mirrors, spatial light modulators, liquid-crystal correctors, wavefront sensors, and both spherical and aspherical micro-optical components. We aim at the realization of...
conference paper 2004