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Lyu, Silong (author)
Gait impairments negatively affect patients’ walking ability, without which they tend to suffer from a higher risk of falling and a lower quality of life. Repetitious training is necessary for patients to regain and maintain this ability. Compared with the conventional rehabilitation process, gamified rehabilitation has the potential to provide...
master thesis 2021
De Vasconcelos Abreu Lopes, R. (author), Eisemann, E. (author), Bidarra, Rafael (author)
Current research on adaptive games has mainly focused on adjusting difficulty in a variety of ways, for example, by providing some control over adaptive game world generation. These methods, however, are mostly ad-hoc and require quite some technical skills. To the best of our knowledge, so far, there has been no adaptive method that is truly...
journal article 2018
Lopes, R. (author)
When most commercial games are shipped, their gameplay has typically been prescripted. All game components are created during development, mostly as predetermined rigid artifacts with which a player will interact. This can lead to predictable and impersonal gameplay, while alienating unconventional players. Adaptivity in games has been recently...
doctoral thesis 2014