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Bouman, Naomi (author)
Airborne wind energy systems offer a promising approach for renewable energy generation. However, the noise emissions associated with these systems should be understood and minimized as well to promote their integration and (social) acceptance. This research aims to identify the noise sources of airborne wind energy systems, systems with leading...
master thesis 2023
Mayer, Jonathan (author)
For many aerospace applications, the dominant airfoil self-noise source is Turbulent Boundary Layer Trailing Edge (TBL-TE) noise. The replacement of solid airfoil trailing edges with permeable materials proved to be an adequate noise reduction mean in previous studies. This thesis project contributes to the development of innovative permeable...
master thesis 2019
Pröbsting, S. (author)
Noise generated aerodynamically by the airflow over a lifting surface is often of concern for applications as diverse as air and ground transportation, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, and wind turbines. The thesis describes the application of advanced optical flow measurements techniques for the visualization and description of...
doctoral thesis 2015