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Chen, Deying (author)
When looking into the delicate relationship between Aldo Rossi’s theoretical drawings and their implementations in reality, one would always find it fascinating that his projects that were expressive and vibrant on paper oftentimes were built and perceived in a completely different way. For all kinds of reasons, his projects were sometimes not...
student report 2022
Komez-Daglioglu, E. (author)
Context is a crucial concept in architecture, despite the frequent ambiguity around its use. It is present in many architectural thoughts and discussions, while a critical discursive reflection is absent from contemporary architectural theory and practice. Situated within this schizophrenic condition in which the notion is both absent and...
doctoral thesis 2017
Djalali, A. (author)
Today we are familiar with definitions of architecture as an integrated, multidisciplinary “networked practice,” which takes its cognitive potential from a “diffused design intelligence.” These definitions were introduced to counter an individual, authorial approach to design which allegedly characterized modern architecture since its beginnings...
doctoral thesis 2014