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Martins, Joana E. (author), Ruigrok, Elmer (author), Draganov, D.S. (author), Hooper, A (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author), White, RS (author), Soosalu, Heidi (author)
Torfajökull volcano, Iceland, has not erupted since 1477. However, intense geothermal activity, deformation, and seismicity suggest a long‐lasting magmatic system. In this paper, we use ambient noise tomography to image the magmatic system beneath Torfajökull volcano. One hundred days of ambient noise data from 23 broadband seismometers show the...
journal article 2019
Martins, Joana E. (author), Hooper, Andy (author), Ruigrok, E.N. (author), Draganov, D.S. (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author), White, Robert (author), Soosalu, Heidi (author)
Torfajökull is the largest silicic volcanic centre in Iceland lying at the intersection of the rift zone (MidAtlantic Ridge) and the transform zone that connects to Reykjanes peninsula. It erupts infrequently,with only two eruptions in the last 1200 years, the latest of which was over 5 centuries ago. Yet, itsactive tectonic setting, persistent...
abstract 2014