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Nakate, P.A. (author)
Industrial emissions are discussed worldwide for their adverse effects on the global climate change. Nitric oxide (NOx) emissions are harmful among the various flue gases emitted in the atmosphere. There are multiple routes of formation of NOx in industry. The formation of NOx due to local overheating in fuel lean conditions is the most common...
doctoral thesis 2022
Lahaye, D.J.P. (author), Nakate, P.A. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author), Juretic, F. (author), Talice, Marco (author)
The operation of large industrial furnaces will continue to rely on hydrocarbon fuels in the near foreseeable future. Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation is expected to deliver key insights to implement measures to further reduce pollutant emissions. These measures include the design optimization of the burners, the dilution of...
journal article 2022