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Salas Pérez, M. (author)
The main goal of this project is to verify the numerical model SWASH when dealing with overtopping prediction by comparison of full scale measurement results to results of numerical model testing. For that purpose, the harbour in Zeebrugge (Belgium) has been considered; there, several storm events have been measured in a rubble mound breakwater...
student report 2014
Vilaplana Domingo, A.M. (author)
Richards Bay Port, located in the East Coast of South Africa, was built during the 1970s. Two rubble mound breakwaters were constructed to protect the deep-water entrance channel and create a sheltered area for the vessels. Since the completion of these breakwaters in 1976, they have withstood several major storms, including cyclones that have...
master thesis 2012
Frens, A.B. (author)
The main objective of this research was to assess the impact of different placement methods, with different packing densities, on the stability of double layered Antifer-block armour layers. This was done by experimental research in the wave-flume of the Fluid mechanics laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft...
master thesis 2007