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Dennis, M.J. (author)
Self-care apps are booming. Early iterations of this technology focused on tracking health and fitness routines, but recently some developers have turned their attention to the cultivation of character, basing their conceptual resources on the Hellenistic tradition (Stoic Meditations™, Stoa™, Stoic Mental Health Tracker™). Those familiar with...
journal article 2020
Schoester, Jeroen (author), van der Heijden, Ties (author), Jooste, Nicael (author), Hunink, Niek (author), Schijfsma, Hidde (author), Li, Pui (author)
The Phetchaburi River in Phetchaburi province, Thailand, has a watershed with many different water resource projects. The surrounding farms rely on the Phetchaburi River for irrigation water and the drinking water companies rely on it as a source of water. However, the Phetchaburi basin has problems with yearly floods, salt intrusion and...
student report 2018
Jacobs, Casper (author)
This project was set up to research, design and test, if and how an integrated customer support platform would fulfill the customer needs. The platform has to support the customer satisfaction by offering updated services and by combining the strengths from both their internet site as well as their existing customer support channels.
master thesis 2018