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Van Doorn, E.C. (author), Horvath, I. (author), Rusak, Z. (author)
This paper presents a systematic approach towards the study of required situation awareness (RSA) in traffic management context. Current theories are not suitable to clearly define the RSA in complex man-machine interaction (MMI) contexts. Deficiencies of man-machine interaction are difficult to recognize and resolve. This paper analyzes: (i)...
conference paper 2014
Carbon, C.C. (author), Michael, L. (author), Leder, H. (author)
Consumer product design needs design evaluation for obtaining information about consumers’ preferences and liking to optimize market success. Such evaluations are usually conducted in simple single-shot studies where consumers only once have to evaluate, for instance, the attractiveness of a design. However, innovative designs often break common...
journal article 2008