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Chen, Hsukang (author)
To achieve greater specificity in neurostimulation, bidirectional neural interfaces are required to verify the recorded neural response after stimulation. The specific neural interface targeted in this thesis is the epiretinal implant. Due to the heterogeneity of the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), high-fidelity vision is only possible when all...
master thesis 2024
Rashidi, A. (author), Rivandi, H. (author), Grubor, M. (author), Agostinho, Andre (author), Sadio, Valter (author), Santos, Marcelino (author), Serdijn, W.A. (author), Giagka, Vasiliki (author)
This paper presents a novel multi-channel stimulation backend with a multi-bit delta-sigma control loop, which enables precise adjustment of the stimulation current through modulation of the supply voltage. This minimizes the overhead voltage of series circuitry to the stimulation load and avoids the associated energy loss. Additionally, to...
conference paper 2023
Verzijl, Hubald (author)
<i>Neuropathic pain</i> (NP) affects approximately seven to ten percent of the general population. Seventeen percent of NP patients scored their life as “worse than death”. A myriad of causes may underlie NP, such as stroke or spinal cord injury. Also, damage or disease of the <i>peripheral nervous system</i> (PNS) may result in NP. One of the...
master thesis 2021