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Verhelst, Hugo (author)
With increasing attention to climate change,renewable energy generation has become a major topic for research anddevelopment. Wind and solar energy are generated on land, whereas wave, windand tidal energy generators are getting attention in the offshore domain. Anovel extension of onshore solar energy is the concept of...
master thesis 2019
Holtzer, Bart (author)
So far, structural topology optimization has been mainly focused on linear problems. Much less attention has been paid to geometrically nonlinear problems, although it has a lot of interesting applications. The objective of this work is to implement a method to solve topology optimization problems under finite displacements and rotations. The...
master thesis 2017
Ye, F. (author)
This master thesis presents research into buckling of thin hyperboloid shells structures. This type of structure is typically applied as the large cooling towers at coal fired electricity plants. However, modelling cooling towers is not the objective of this research. The objective of this research is to understand the buckling behaviour of...
master thesis 2015