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Zhang, W. (author), Li, Huanhuan (author), Younes, S.H.H. (author), Gómez De Santos, Patricia (author), Tieves, F. (author), Grogan, Gideon (author), Pabst, Martin (author), Alcalde, Miguel (author), Whitwood, Adrian C. (author), Hollmann, F. (author)
Aromatic hydroxylation reactions catalyzed by heme-thiolate enzymes proceed via an epoxide intermediate. These aromatic epoxides could be valuable building blocks for organic synthesis giving access to a range of chiral trans-disubstituted cyclohexadiene synthons. Here, we show that naphthalene epoxides generated by fungal peroxygenases can...
journal article 2021
Mayer, F. (author), Tiruvadi Krishnan, S. (author), Schuhle, DT (author), Eliseeva, Svetlana V. (author), Petoud, Stephane (author), Toth, Eva (author), Djanashvili, K. (author)
Self-aggregating calix[4]arenes carrying four DOTA ligands on the upper rim for stable complexation of paramagnetic GdIII-ions have already been proposed as MRI probes. In this work, we investigate the luminescence properties of TbIII-DOTA-calix[4]arene-4OPr containing four propyl-groups and compare them with those of the analog substituted with...
journal article 2018
Kosinov, Nikolay (author), Coumans, Ferdy J A G (author), Uslamin, Evgeny (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Hensen, Emiel J M (author)
Non-oxidative methane dehydroaromatization is a promising reaction to directly convert natural gas into aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrogen. Commercialization of this technology is hampered by rapid catalyst deactivation because of coking. A novel approach is presented involving selective oxidation of coke during methane dehydroaromatization...
journal article 2016