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Onen, Cagan (author)
Occupancy grid maps are fundamental to autonomous driving algorithms, offering insights into obstacle distribution and free space within an environment. These maps are used for safe navigation and decision-making in self-driving applications, forming a crucial component of the automotive perception framework. An occupancy map is a discretized...
master thesis 2023
Pandharipande, Ashish (author), Cheng, Chih Hong (author), Dauwels, J.H.G. (author), Gurbuz, Sevgi Z. (author), Ibanez-Guzman, Javier (author), Li, Guofa (author), Piazzoni, Andrea (author), Wang, Pu (author), Santra, Avik (author)
Automotive perception involves understanding the external driving environment and the internal state of the vehicle cabin and occupants using sensor data. It is critical to achieving high levels of safety and autonomy in driving. This article provides an overview of different sensor modalities, such as cameras, radars, and light detection and...
journal article 2023