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Hersbach, Rosa (author)
Foundations of buildings ensure the safety and serviceability are upheld. A common type of<br/>foundations used in the Netherlands is pile foundations which are typically founded on a thick sand layer in the subsurface. These pile foundations are the focus of this thesis and more specifically the methods used to design such foundations. This...
master thesis 2024
de Boorder, Munta (author)
Over the last couple years, a number investigations into the α factors used for the cone penetration test (CPT) based calculation methods for the base and shaft capacity of driven piles have been carried out. These investigation, express different concerns and limitation of the currently used CPT based calculation methods. Prompting the need for...
master thesis 2019
Near free edges of fibre reinforced composite laminates modelled with homogeneous layers, the presence of high gradient interlaminar stresses has been found theoretically. Over a span of nearly 50 years, various methods, including numerical and analytical have been employed for analysis of the high gradient stresses which sometimes exist to an...
master thesis 2017