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Poplavskaya, Ksenia (author), De Vries, Laurens (author)
The aggregator has been touted as the key enabler of active engagement of distributed energy resources and promises to contribute to greater economic efficiency in the European balancing markets by providing cheap sources of flexibility. This paper presents an empirical analysis of how aggregators organize themselves in relation to other...
conference paper 2018
Van der Veen, R.A.C. (author), Abbasy, A. (author), Hakvoort, R.A. (author)
Imbalance settlement is a vital part of the balancing market, i.e. the institutional arrangement that establishes market-based balance management in liberalized electricity markets. We investigate the impact of the imbalance settlement design on the behaviour of Balance Responsible Parties and thereby on balancing market performance by means of...
conference paper 2010
Van der Veen, R.A.C. (author), Hakvoort, R.A. (author)
In liberalized power markets, balance responsibility and imbalance settlement are two closely related elements that constitute the heart of a balancing market (which is actually an institutional arrangement establishing market-based balancing). This paper aims to compare balance responsibility and imbalance settlement in the Nordic region,...
conference paper 2009