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Narayan, N.S. (author), Vega Garita, V.E. (author), Popovic, J. (author), Qin, Z. (author), Wagemaker, M. (author), Bauer, P. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
The past few years have seen strong growth of solar-based off-grid energy solutions such as Solar Home Systems (SHS) as a means to ameliorate the grave problem of energy poverty. Battery storage is an essential component of SHS. An accurate battery model can play a vital role in SHS design. Knowing the dynamic behaviour of the battery is...
journal article 2018
Zhang, X. (author)
Chemical energy storage in Li-ion batteries is a key technology for the future renewable society. Their energy and power density is largely determined by electrode materials that are able to host lithium in their crystal structure. Aiming at faster and more efficient energy storage, one of the key objectives in Li-ion batteries is to improve the...
doctoral thesis 2015
Singh, D.P. (author)
Dictated by exhausting sources of conventional fossil fuels, their irreversible damage on environment, international conflicts for oil resources – distressing global economy, worldwide research has focused towards developing alternate, but sustainable, sources of energy generation and storage to meet global energy demands and emission-free...
doctoral thesis 2014