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Hubers, Martijn (author)
The small and lightweight Lunar Zebro rover must survive in the harsh lunar environment for several Earth days following its moon landing. The mission of the rover is to map the radiation environment on the moon. The success of the entire mission depends on the Power Electronic System (PES), which supplies power to all subsystems and charges the...
master thesis 2023
Sakkas, Sotiris (author)
The growth of distributed Renewable Energy share in the total electricity production as wells as technological advancements in power electronics and increase of DC loads, point towards the development of the DC microgrid (DCMG) concept as a valid model for future energy systems especially for operations and locations where the existing grid...
master thesis 2018
Karatzaferis, Nikitas Karatzaferis (author)
Focusing on real life commercial applications, this thesis presents the theoretical and practical control requirements of an application board, which exploits flexible bidirectional DC-DC converters, to power up a unit of multi USB type-C ports. Emphasis is given in the power management between the connected devices since the power flow is...
master thesis 2017