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Narvaez Alavez, Ignacio (author)
The development of solar photovoltaic systems has seen a rapid increase in the recent years propelled by mass manufacturing and constantly declining costs of PV modules. In some regions, however, the levelized cost of energy is still rather high, posing some challenges for this technology to take a leading roll in the energy mix. In order to...
master thesis 2019
Garro Etxebarria, Julen (author)
Bifacial PV modules and floating PV systems are two fast-growing technologies in the photovoltaic sector. Bifacial PV modules make use of the irradiance that is incident on both faces of the module, leading to higher energy yields. Several techniques are used in order to enhance this bifaciality effect, one of them being the use of reflectors....
master thesis 2018
Sönmez, Furkan (author)
Despite the fact that the price per watt-peak for photovoltaic modules are decreasing rapidly, there is a large population of people which have still not implemented photovoltaic technology in their everyday lives. An important reason why PV is still not the main source of electrical energy for these people is the uncertainty that comes with...
master thesis 2017