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Hall, Drew A. (author), Gaster, Richard S. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author), Wang, Shan X. (author), Murmann, Boris (author)
Magnetic nanotechnologies have shown significant potential in several areas of nanomedicine such as imaging, therapeutics, and early disease detection. Giant magnetoresistive spin-valve (GMR SV) sensors coupled with magnetic nanotags (MNTs) possess great promise as ultra-sensitive biosensors for diagnostics. We report an integrated sensor...
journal article 2013
Asch, V. (author)
The goal of this project is to model, fabricate and characterize a multi microchamber biochip, which allows for crosstalk between two types of living cells. This biochip uses laminar flow to separate two microchambers for cell co-culture. A study of fluid dynamics through finite element analysis was implemented to optimize two methods for...
master thesis 2011
Haglmüller, J. (author), Alguel, Y. (author), Mayer, Ch. (author), Matyusshin, V. (author), Bauer, G. (author), Pittner, F. (author), Leitner, A. (author), Aussenegg, F. (author), Schalkhammer, T. (author)
Spatially tuned resonant nano-clusters allow high local field enhancement when excited by electromagnetic radiation. A number of phenomena has been described and subsequently applied for the construction of novel nano- and bionano-devices. Easy to manufacture, cost efficient and high throughput transducers using metal cluster resonance...
conference paper 2004