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Guarnotta, Flora (author)
Liver diseases account for two million deaths worldwide each year, and current treatments are limited. 3D bioprinting is a promising technology, that has recently been investigated to tackle this challenge. However, the cells and hydrogels used for bioprinting are not human-derived and do not replicate the natural <i>in vivo</i> environment. The...
master thesis 2023
Diaz Payno, P.J. (author), Kalogeropoulou, Maria (author), Muntz, I.A.A. (author), Kingma, Esther (author), Kops, Nicole (author), D'Este, Matteo (author), Koenderink, G.H. (author), Fratila-Apachitei, E.L. (author), van Osch, G.J.V.M. (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author)
3D bioprinting is usually implemented on flat surfaces, posing serious limitations in the fabrication of multilayered curved constructs. 4D bioprinting, combining 3D bioprinting with time-dependent stimuli-induced transformation, enables the fabrication of shape-changing constructs. Here, a 4D biofabrication method is reported for cartilage...
journal article 2022
Kingma, Esther (author)
Bioprinting is a promising technique that has the ability to generate complex tissue structures for articular cartilage (AC) repair and regeneration. However, most biomaterials used for bioprinting are incapable of representing the complexity of native extracellular matrix (ECM). In this study, a novel cartilage specific bioink has been...
master thesis 2021