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Hoogeveen, Sylle (author)
The increase in complexity of mathematical models in an attempt to approximate reality and desire to have near real-time results have emphasized the need for fast numerical simulations. Especially in areas where classic numerical methods struggle to produce valid solutions in reasonable computational time due to their<br/>complex behaviour on...
master thesis 2022
van de Ven, Emma (author)
Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) is an abrupt onset of a focal neurological deficit due to the occlusion of a cerebral artery caused by thrombosis or embolism. According to the World Health Organization, stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world. One of the available treatments is the aspiration thrombectomy, where a negative pressure...
master thesis 2021
GEZER, G√úROL (author)
As a nonlinear alternative to the linear interpretation of arterial blood pressure waveform, soliton theory has been proposed to model arterial blood pressure by interpreting the pulsatile nature of pressure pulses in the viewpoint of soliton transmission. The existing solitary wave literature supports this interpretation by deriving Korteweg-de...
master thesis 2019