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Dun, H. (author)
Accurate position solutions are in high demand for many emerging applications. Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), however, may not meet the required positioning performance, especially in urban environments, due to multipath and weak received power of the GNSS signal that can be easily blocked by surrounding objects. To achieve a high...
doctoral thesis 2021
Dun, H. (author), Tiberius, C.C.J.M. (author), Diouf, C.E.V. (author), Janssen, G.J.M. (author)
This paper presents a methodology to design a sparse multiband ranging signal with a large virtual bandwidth, from which time delay and carrier phase are estimated by a low complexity multivariate maximum likelihood (ML) method. In the estimation model for a multipath channel, not all reflected paths are considered, and time delay and carrier...
journal article 2021