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Erkens, S. (author), van Vliet, D (author), van de Ven, Martin (author), Voskuilen, JLM (author), Hofman, R (author), Jager, J (author), The, P (author)
In an ever faster changing world, innovation is a crucial tool to maintain the quality of road networks. In order to safely use innovative materials and techniques, validation procedures are needed. Because of the variable and non-standard nature of innovations, it is hard to standardize this kind of validation. Also, ensuring that innovations...
conference paper 2015
Von Meijenfeldt, V.M.C. (author)
Planet Earth is constantly changing, and with it our living environment. Seasonal variation in temperature and precipitation, as well as long-term climate trends, are but a few examples of change that pose challenges to a settled society. Whereas direction, magnitude, and even character of future changes may be uncertain, we can be confident...
master thesis 2014