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Chen, C. (author), Chen, Z. (author), Bera, Deep (author), Noothout, E.C. (author), Chang, Z.Y. (author), Tan, M. (author), Vos, H.J. (author), Bosch, Johan G. (author), Verweij, M.D. (author), de Jong, N. (author), Pertijs, M.A.P. (author)
This paper presents a front-end application-specified integrated circuit (ASIC) integrated with a 2-D PZT matrix transducer that enables in-probe digitization with acceptable power dissipation for the next-generation endoscopic and catheter-based 3-D ultrasound imaging systems. To achieve power-efficient massively parallel analog-to-digital...
journal article 2018
Madadi, I. (author), Tohidian, M. (author), Cornelissens, Koen (author), Vandenameele, Patrick (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
In this paper, we propose and demonstrate the first fully integrated surface acoustic wave (SAW)-less superheterodyne receiver (RX) for 4G cellular applications. The RX operates in discrete-time domain and introduces various innovations to simultaneously improve noise and linearity performance while reducing power consumption: a highly linear...
journal article 2016
Dyachenko, V.A. (author)
In this work a low power SAR ADC with 8.9 ENOB for wireless communication systems is presented. A capacitive charge redistribution DAC with a unit capacitor of 0.5fF is used. The implemented charge-sharing technique, allows the use of 2^(N-1) + 1 unit capacitors, instead of the conventional 2^N , thus decreasing the DAC area and the DAC...
master thesis 2012