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Kim, S.H. (author), Ganji, M. (author), Kim, E. (author), van der Torre, J. (author), Abbondanzieri, E. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
The three-dimensional organization of DNA is increasingly understood to play a decisive role in vital cellular processes. Many studies focus on the role of DNA-packaging proteins, crowding, and confinement in arranging chromatin, but structural information might also be directly encoded in bare DNA itself. Here, we visualize plectonemes ...
journal article 2018
Wu, F. (author)
One of the most basic features that pervade biology is the existence of boundaries that separate living cells from their outer environments. Molecules responsible for the internal organization of a living cell must adapt to its boundaries, as the cell grows, divides, and changes in shape and size. In this thesis, we aim to understand how...
doctoral thesis 2015