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Heerens, N.C. (author)
The design of the landing gear is one of the prime aspects of aircraft design. Literature describes the design process thoroughly, however the integration of these design methods within an automated design framework has had little focus in literature. Landing gear design includes different engineering disciplines including structures, weights,...
master thesis 2014
Schmidt, R.K. (author)
Research in aircraft design is focusing on novel aircraft configurations in search for a step change in terms of overall transport efficiency. Aircraft design relies heavily on empirical methods, so-called Class 2 methods, to evaluate the performance of a design. Since these methods are based on statistical data their validity is limited when...
master thesis 2013
Vos, R. (author), Hoogreef, M.F.M. (author)
This paper presents a semi-analytical method for the weight estimation of fuselages with an oval cross-section, applied to blended wing body aircraft. The weight estimation of the fuselage primary structure is based on a structural analysis of two-dimensional crosssections and it is completed by a set of empirical relations for the weight...
conference paper 2013