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Terefenko, Paweł (author), Paprotny, D. (author), Giza, Andrzej (author), Morales Napoles, O. (author), Kubicki, Adam (author), Walczakiewicz, Szymon (author)
Cliff coasts are dynamic environments that can retreat very quickly. However, the<br/>short-term changes and factors contributing to cliff coast erosion have not received as much attention as dune coasts. In this study, three soft-cliff systems in the southern Baltic Sea were monitored with the use of terrestrial laser scanner technology over a...
journal article 2019
Terefenko, Paweł (author), Giza, Andrzej (author), Paprotny, D. (author), Kubicki, Adam (author), Winowski, Marcin (author)
In Miȩdzyzdroje, a coastal town in Poland, significant cliff retreat has been observed in recent times. It used to be considered mainly a response to storm events with particularly high water levels and wave energy. However, morphology of cliff coasts is shaped not only by the most extreme storm surges or by a number of accompanying processes...
journal article 2018
van Veen, J. (author), Minikin, R.R. (author)
Discusion between van Veen and Minikin on the effectivity of groynes. Reading this discussion one should realise that at that time there was no clear understanding of wave driven longshore currents.
report 1952