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de Bruijn, K.; Klijn, F.;McGahey, C.; Mens, M.; Wolfer, H. (author)
Flood risk management requires policy making for a relatively far and largely unknown future. Task 14 of Theme 2 in FLOODsite aims to provide methodological guidance on how to perform the design/development of long term strategic alternatives for flood risk management and how to assess their performance in different future scenarios. To begin...
report 2008
Dahlerus, C.J.; Egermayer, D. (author)
The main objectives of this study was to analyze waves and water levels, from existing climate data, to make conclusions about how the beach, particularly the sand dunes, at Ystad Sandskog has been influenced by the coastal climate up to today. Based on available forecasts, possible scenarios were developed for this area, making it possible to...
report 2006
Kuze, T.. Helmuth, O.; Görner, C.; Bernhover, C. (author)
A series of sensitivity studies have been performed to estimate the impact of presumed global warming on synoptic scale weather events. Within the framework of an epignostic study, mesoscale simulations of the Elbe river flood (August, 2002) employing the COSMO-DE model of the DWD have been carried out. The first set of runs was realised on a...