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Hendriks, H.C.M. (author), van Prooijen, Bram (author), Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author), Winterwerp, J.C. (author)
The fine sediment distribution in the seabed is an important indicator for the ecological functioning of shallow coastal seas. In this paper, we investigate the processes and conditions that determine the fine sediment distribution in the Dutch coastal zone surficial seabed, while also assessing the response of the system to human...
journal article 2020
van de Wal, R. S.W. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Minobe, S. (author), Jevrejeva, S. (author), Riva, R.E.M. (author), Little, C. (author), Richter, K. (author), Palmer, M. D. (author)
Many processes affect sea level near the coast. In this paper, we discuss the major uncertainties in coastal sea-level projections from a process-based perspective, at different spatial and temporal scales, and provide an outlook on how these uncertainties may be reduced. Uncertainty in centennial global sea-level rise is dominated by the ice...
review 2019
Volp, N.D. (author), van Prooijen, B.C. (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author), Stelling, G.S. (author)
Long term morphodynamic simulations are used for predicting the impact of climate change and human interventions in our estuarine and coastal regions. The accuracy of this type of simulations suffers generally from low resolution grids. Eventhough high resolution bathymetry data is increasingly more available thanks to new measurement techniques...
abstract 2016