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Carotenuto, V. (author), Aubry, A. (author), De Maio, A. (author), Fioranelli, F. (author), Krasnov, O.A. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), van der Zwan, W.F. (author)
This paper investigates the possibility of transmitting waveforms designed to enable spectral coexistence between radar and other Radio Frequency (RF) wireless systems via a Software Defined Radar (SDR). The design technique tested in this study nominally enables the placement of notches in the spectrum of the synthesized probing radar signal...
conference paper 2023
Svenningsson, P.O. (author), Kruse, N.C. (author), Fioranelli, F. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
Cognitive radar frameworks rely on the ability to quantify and reason on future uncertainty, which allows for the selection of an optimal decision policy. These methods require that the uncertainty estimates provided by the underlying statistical model are well-calibrated, i.e. consistent with true uncertainty. In this work, the utilization of...
conference paper 2022
Svenningsson, P.O. (author), Fioranelli, F. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Martone, Anthony F. (author)
In this article, a statistical model of human motion as observed by a network of radar sensors is presented where knowledge on the position and heading of the target provides information on the observation conditions of each sensor node. Sequences of motions are estimated from measurements of instantaneous Doppler frequency, which captures...
journal article 2022