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Mohajeri, M. (author)
Due to the high demand of iron ore products in the steel industry, they have the largest share in dry bulk trading per year, above coal and grains. Approximately 9000 Cape-size bulk carriers with capacities up to 400 000 tonnes (DWT) transport the annual demand of iron ore to destination ports. Grabs are employed extensively to unload iron ore...
doctoral thesis 2021
Mohajeri, M. (author), Helmons, R.L.J. (author), van Rhee, C. (author), Schott, D.L. (author)
The computation time of Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations increases exponentially when particle size is reduced or the number of particles increased. This critical challenge limits the use of DEM simulation for industrial applications, such as powder flow in silos. Scaling techniques can offer a solution to reduce computation time. In...
journal article 2020
van den Bergh, Arjan (author)
Grabs are often used for unloading bulk carriers that transport iron ore cargoes around the globe. The unloading process is time-consuming, and terminals strive to maximise their turnover capacity. Grab performance is a combination of maximum crane capacity, grab design and bulk material behaviour. Due to bulk uncertainties occurred by varying...
master thesis 2019