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Tan, Tessa (author)
Collective behaviour can be seen everywhere. It is the phenomenon where many individuals form a group together and act as a whole. These groups are mesmerising to watch, but we can also learn from them. The way these groups behave depend on how the individuals react to their local surroundings. Obtaining knowledge about this concept brings...
master thesis 2022
Boldrer, M. (author), Palopoli, Luigi (author), Fontanelli, Daniele (author)
Different authors have addressed a number of problems in the area of distributed control proposing convincing solutions to specific problems such as static coverage, dynamic coverage/exploration, rendezvous, flocking, formation control. However, a major limitation of problem-specific approaches is a fundamental lack of flexibility when the...
journal article 2022
Mink, S. (author)
Implementing biobased disposables for the festival Lowlands is the basis for this project. Making use of biobased disposables offers specific waste processing purposes. A collecting system of waste at a festival works best for a situation where visitors cooperate within the complete waste system. For Lowlands litter behaviour is questioned....
master thesis 2011