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Beijer, Charlotte (author)
The Marabunta Farmer Market (Petani Pasar) project is a fish market design proposal for water-related integrations in the coastal community of Bandarharjo, Semarang. Located on the north coast of Java, Semarang city was an important port and centre for food trading activities. These local activities, such as fishery, markets, street...
master thesis 2021
Ananta Vania Iswardhani, A.V. (author)
“Cultivating Heritage” proposes to bridge the long-standing distance between colonial architecture that represents history of discrimination and the local community that suffers from poverty and manifold environmental issues. This project is a part of Shared Heritage Lab studio that focuses on Semarang historical area, Indonesia, the former city...
master thesis 2020
Cruiming, R. (author), Cuperus, Y.J. (author), Mulder, A. (author)
Poor economies find themselves in an almost no-win situation: They would benefit from improving the economic situations of the very poor by making them self-supporting and economically productive. However, the very poor are occupied by daily survival and thus cannot afford themselves to improve. This paper describes the status quo of a...
conference paper 2014